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Managing Mosquitoes and Ticks for You!
With concerns about Lyme disease, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and West Nile virus (WNV), the management of mosquito and tick populations is of utmost concern to many of our customers. Eco Systems Pest Management offers a variety of ways to manage mosquitoes and ticks including on-going programs, customized comprehensive programs and both conventional and natural products.

WhaHome Protection Plan Special Offert to Expect From a Service?
We use a variety of methods to control the problem including; Inspecting the premises to identify the conditions favorable to mosquito or tick infestations. Determine the extent of the mosquito or tick problem. Develop and discuss corrective actions. Implement appropriate mechanical corrections to the favorable areas. Treat with appropriate material.

What Type of Products Are Being Used.
The products we use can be applied around people and pets with confidence. Once application is complete and has dried, you and your family can continue to use your yard as you normally do. The adulticide product will not harm pets or birds as it is specifically targeted toward mosquitoes and ticks. We give our customers a choice in the materials that we use to control mosquitoes.

Conventional – The product used in our conventional service is the most widely used product to control mosquitoes. It is a low toxicity insecticide with little to no odor. The product is more toxic to mosquitoes and ticks and last longer. This product is classified as an insecticide by the EPA.
Green       –       The product used for our green service is a multiple of plants and tree oils known to kill insects. Although this product does not last as long as its conventional counterpart, it still will kill mosquitoes and ticks. When using this material it is recommended to go on a more frequent treatment schedule. This material is not classified as an insecticide by the EPA

How Many Treatment Do I Need?
                     •   Mosquitoes every 3-4 weeks
                     •   Ticks every 6-8 weeks
We have a variety of service plans to fit most budgets. From our one time party application to our multiple application Ultimate service plan, a technician will discuss in detail the pros and cons of each.

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