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Residential Pest Management Services
Eco Systems Pest Management provides a full line of residential  services. We are experts in providing prompt and responsible control of commonly encountered pests, such as;

Carpenter Ants
Bees and Wasps
Carpenter Bees
Stink Bugs

What It Is Like To Work With Eco Systems?
Since 1989, Eco Systems has offered homes and businesses in the greater Boston and South Shore safe and effective products and services in the elimination and control of a large number of problem pests. Eco Systems certified and licensed technicians provide our customers with prompt courteous service using the latest state-of-the-art practices and materials. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we stand behind every job we do.

Residential Programs
Aside from one time and seasonal treatments for all household pests, we provide Residential Service Programs. These programs preventively address typically recurring pest issues, such as Ants, Mice, Bees and Wasps, Spiders, and a host of other unwanted visitors. Our most popular program is our Home Protection Plan, which provides seasonal control of all common household pests, (excluding Termites and vertebrates). Your home is evaluated seasonally by one of our technicians, who will provide the appropriate treatment to ensure a pest free environment. If necessary, problems arising between service calls are resolved at no charge. The annual fee is fixed, therefore no additional charges apply. 

Training and Continuing Education
Our crew of service technicians is expertly trained and experienced in the science of modern pest management. This is due to continuous emphasis on educating our staff on an ongoing basis.
A variety of on site, in house, and outsourced training programs keep our crew current in all safety and technical matters, while emphasizing knowledge and implementation of the most modern pest management practices and technologies. We take pride in knowing that our crew is among the most knowledgeable and prepared in our industry.

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